Ordering is now closed for Tuesday 3/28


Local Delivery

Do you have a storefront?

No, we do not have a brick-and-mortar building 

Do you deliver?

We offer doorstep delivery throughout Orange County and Long Beach. For more information, visit our Delivery and pickup options page.

When will my order be delivered? Do I need to be home?

Deliveries are typically made between 10 AM and 4 PM on delivery days. You will receive an email and text message the night before delivery with an estimated 2-hour delivery window as well as a link to live track your driver within 30 minutes of delivery. If you won’t be home for the scheduled delivery, you can leave an ice chest on your doorstep and your driver will place your order inside.

Do you ship out of state?

We do not ship out of state at this time. Subscribe to our newsletter to be notified when shipping becomes available.


How are the fish fillets packaged?

Our fish are filleted into 1-lb portions and vacuum-sealed in a HACCP-certified facility.

How do I receive my live seafood order?

Our live seafood products are available for delivery  only. Please have an ice chest with ice packs or ice covered with cardboard to avoid the product coming into contact with fresh water. Keep the lid propped open. You can leave it in the cooler or transfer it to the refrigerator until it is ready to be prepared.

How will I be charged for my order?

When placing an online order, you are authorizing a temporary hold on your card for the estimated total, but the final charge isn't run until the order is delivered  and we know the actual weight of your order. This is because we hand cut all of our fillets/loins and while we aim to cut them to the exact weight ordered, the actual weight may vary +/-15%. For example, when ordering an approximate 1-lb fillet, your actual order may weigh 0.85-1.15 lbs. During checkout, you will see a line item called "up to 15% possible weight overage” to account for variance in weight. Your final charge based on actual weight will be run within 7 days of placing your order.