Live lobster available for pickup in Dana Point + Huntington Beach this weekend!

Live California Spiny Lobster

Live California Spiny Lobster, per lb

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Lobster is priced per pound and fluctuates with the market. The price will be based on actual weight at pickup, which may be less than the payment that was authorized online. Your final charge will be adjusted accordingly. If you decide to increase your order at pickup, additional payment will be collected at that time.

The average lobster is 1.1-1.3 lbs.

To order the following number of lobsters, select the following number of pounds:

1 lobster 2 lbs
2 lobsters 3 lbs
3 lobsters 4 lbs
4 lobsters 5 lbs
5 lobsters 7 lbs
6 lobsters 8 lbs


At this time, we are only offering our live products for pickup. As this is a live product, please bring a cooler with ice packs or ice covered with cardboard.

Please inquire about deliveries for orders over 10 lbs.

Scientific name: panulirus interruptus

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